Thinking beyond what’s under the bonnet

Thinking beyond what’s under the bonnet
October 5, 2015 Comments Off on Thinking beyond what’s under the bonnet live Adam E. Frank

Audi UK Sustainability Audit

Audi’s working to improve the efficiency of its cars. But until we got involved Audi UK hadn’t given much thought to the sustainability impacts of its sales operations, which are based in 117 sales centres across the country.

Before talking to their customers about how to use their cars more efficiently they realised they needed to show they were walking their talk. So working with Live|Work we devised a programme of quantitative and qualitative analysis to work out the sites’ current environmental and social impacts.

We ran a series of in-depth interviews with key members of the management team, then developed a sustainability survey for a representative cross-section of centres nationwide.  This included a carbon footprint analysis quantifying the current ecological impacts of centre activities, as well as questions addressing the way centres engage with staff, customers and the local community.

A series of site visits to the centres focusing on the physical, social and economic realities on site built up a more in-depth picture of the ‘stories behind the stats’.

Based on our findings we put together a strategy and action plan (including a combination of simple technical adjustments and behaviour changes) to reduce the environmental impact of the sales centres, reduce costs, engage staff and customers and enhance overall brand performance.

Acting on these simple, low-investment recommendations across the national network, Audi UK Centres could reduce their carbon footprint by over 50%, making multi-million pound financial savings in the process.