Feedback from Broadland Workshop

Feedback from Broadland Workshop
October 5, 2016 Comments Off on Feedback from Broadland Workshop live Adam E. Frank

A month ago in mid-October, the Beyond Green design team hosted a series of workshops and exhibitions for stakeholders and members of the public to discuss the draft plan, concepts and designs for development at Broadland.  Many valuable ideas were brought forth that has since helped us make our draft masterplan stronger and more aligned with community needs. The key issues that were raised at these workshops and our initial reactions to them can be viewed by clicking on the following link (PDF).

Anyone who wasn’t able to attend the sessions can view the exhibition boards presented at the Feedback.

Since beginning exploration of development opportunities in Norfolk, we have made it a priority to be open and engaged with the greater community.  The following clip captures some very promising messages that articulate how our approach thus far has been valued by varying local stakeholders.  A special thank you goes out to Bruce Bentley, Jason Kidman and Will Harvey who shared their thoughts with us.

Beyond Green in Broadland Attendee Feedback from Beyond Green on Vimeo.