We need to stem climate change, protect biodiversity and enhance ecological systems whilst creating wonderful lives for 9 billion people. What kind of economy, society and culture do we really want to live in? How can strategic thinking change the way people live and work?

Our thinking focuses on creating decent lives – now and for the future.

How do you cut carbon while enhancing quality of life?
How do you bring plans to life so people can see the difference?
How do you lead the way, but let everyone have their say?

We make the case for sustainable places and we make them happen.

Our team of strategists, policymakers, planners, designers and communications experts find real, tangible, long-lasting ways to make the places we live, work and play in better. They start on paper, then we put them in place.

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We analyse what works, helping clients (including planners, councils, businesses and local people) to put sustainability thinking into plans from the start. We back up our thinking with hard facts, and provide insights and inspirations from around the world.

We bring ideas to life, using a range of creative and rigorous techniques to help people from different walks of life envision living in a different way.

We create strategies and plans for great places, working with clients, stakeholders and technical specialists to embed sustainability principles in the planning, delivery and management of places and projects.

We design great places, working with our network of collaborators to combine time-honoured placemaking principles with the best of 21st-century thinking and ingenuity.

We put together finance and delivery models incorporating whole-life economics into financial models and business plans to make places and projects work for the long run.