You know climate change is our biggest problem and your kids must be safe but what can you do? You love nature but cities are great too. You want the economy to grow but can it really grow green? You admire technology but you know it can’t solve all our problems.

So how shall we live?

You’d grow your own food if there was more space. You’d be fit and healthy but there never seems time.  You like the idea of community but don’t really know your neighbours.

So how shall we live?

You’d walk home from work but it’s a long way and the streets aren’t so nice, so you drive. You’d cycle more if there weren’t so many cars. You’d shop locally if there were decent local shops.

So how shall we live?

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How we work

We’re Beyond Green. A team of strategists, policymakers, planners, economists, designers, and communications experts who are changing the places we live in, and how we live in them.

We think about ways of living in places fit for the 21st century.

We build better, greener, healthier places.

We help people live more sustainable lives.