We create better places. We bring together finance and expertise to plan, deliver and manage places that are well-crafted, enduring and sustainable. Places that provide much-needed new homes and complementary facilities in beautiful and resilient places. Places that bring transport, housing, open spaces and public services together. And that are built and run in ways that make it easier and more enjoyable to live pleasurable, healthy, active and environmentally sustainable lifestyles and that are fit for the extraordinary challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

We integrate principles from places of the past with new thinking to make places that stand the tests of time.

We work together with landowners, investors, government, communities, businesses, planners and designers to understand different perspectives, create partnerships and collectively solve problems and create humane, civilised places.

We ask ‘how shall we live?’ before we ask ‘what shall we build?’ We invest in the things that make neighbourhoods great places to live in, like schools, bus routes, allotments, play spaces and community centres as well as places to work and shop.

We stay involved long-term. We don’t build, sell up and move on. We’re patient. We stay with our projects once people have moved in, continuing to manage them and to have a stake in them. Our developments are long-term investments so we remain involved, working to make them better.

We aim to help transform the way development happens in the UK – by example rather than rhetoric, working in the world as it is today rather than waiting for policies to be perfected.