How do you change a person, a family or a company’s habits? How do you explain the difference sustainable living makes in practice and then work out how best to make it happen? How do you make healthier living exciting, not a chore? We help people live more sustainable lives.

We want sustainability to be mainstream. We don’t think ‘green’ should mean compromise. We don’t think climate change is somebody else’s problem. And we know that technology alone won’t save the day. So we’re going to have to change the way we live. We make sustainable living real, tangible and do-able for everyone.

Why are people passive about climate change? How can we get everyone to sit up, take notice and do something about it? How do you turn big, intangible, distant problems into here and now solutions? How can we show the benefits of sustainable living – and make them inviting? We’re the voice of greener, healthier, better ways to live.

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We make sustainable living easier
We know living sustainably can seem a big ask. And that changing habits is easier said than done. We help demystify the green agenda, and find simple, tangible, attractive ways to improve our quality of life in tune with the environment.

We translate 21st century challenges into exciting opportunities
We change attitudes and behaviour. We seek out the best ways of doing things, and we help get them done. We address sustainability challenges through strategy, communications and innovation, helping organisations connect with the humans (formerly known as ‘consumers’)!

We spread the word
We bring a new way of living to life. We speak about sustainable living at conferences and events, on TV, on the radio and online. We’re constantly asking ‘how shall we live?