Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We’re Beyond Green.

We’re a company that works with people and places.
We do things differently.

We’re thoughtful and thorough.
We’re resourceful and adaptable.
We’re doers and thinkers.
We think about what we’ll leave behind, as well as what needs doing now.
We’re driven by values, but we understand commercial realities.
We work with purpose and for profit.
We recognise that ecological limits are real, urgent and absolute.
We seek out the upside of down.
We help people go beyond green to create wonderful lives (9 billion of them!).
We help people think about ways of living in places fit for the 21st century.
We design and build better, greener, healthier places.
We help people live more sustainable lives.

We’re changing where and how we live – for the better

The Story So Far

Rewind to 2001. Take one Managing Director of Greenpeace (Jonathan) and one graduate from Forum for the Future (Joanna). Set up some computers in the spare room, and Beyond Green is born.

We started by adding our sustainability thinking to a handful of projects. Over and over again, the same theme cropped up: how shall we live better, greener, healthier lives? The answers led us to bigger projects (like the Housing Corporation’s national sustainability strategy and action plan) and a lot more people in the spare room. So in 2004 we moved to Albemarle Way in Clerkenwell, which is still our base today. Our projects got meatier: we wrote sustainability strategies for cities, presented TV programmes and authored books.

But it wasn’t enough. We were constantly trying to picture better, more sustainable ways to live and work, but examples of what that would look like were – and still are – hard to find. How do you show people where and how they’ll live in the (sustainable) future?

So we decided to do it ourselves. In 2008 we set up Beyond Green Developments (formerly called Blue Living) to plan, design, build, own and manage beautiful, long-lasting sustainable places. We still do the thinking, but now we put it all into practice.