Retrofit Your Home Programme.
Healthy homes, happy people.

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Waitakere Retrofit

The quality of housing in New Zealand is poor when it comes to insulation, ventilation and heating.  The Waitakere Retrofit Your Home programme set out to provide financial support to homeowners and to educate them about how they could improve the quality and performance of their homes.  Our role was initially to prepare the value case for why local government should be involved in this work, and then to working with Waitakere City Council to design and deliver the programme.

Waitakere City Council has an international reputation for being an eco city so it was only logical that they should consider how to improve the sustainability of housing stock.  We worked alongside senior Council staff to prepare a business case that identified the economic, social and ecological benefits of improving homes in Waitakere.

We then supported the Council as they designed and implemented the Retrofit Your Home programme, which provides access to funding to allow homeowners to retrofit their homes and information on how their home functions and what they can do to live more sustainably.