A new transformation

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New Lynn

New Lynn is a piece of Auckland that has aspirations of being something great.  Part of Waitakere City Council, it was obvious that the eco city philosophy would infuse the way redevelopment was planned for and delivered in New Lynn.

We worked with Waitakere City Council on how sustainability could be integrated in the planning of the regeneration of New Lynn.

It’s unfortunate that development has been of such poor quality in recent times in New Lynn because the place has so much going for it.  Both local and central government see the potential and have invested millions in providing a great public transport network.  Now the Council wants to see a return on its investment by ensuring that new development is of a standard and quality that will make people proud of New Lynn.

We ran a workshop with senior Council staff to explore how to conceive of sustainable regeneration and how it could be delivered.  Many of the propositions generated have been incorporated into the New Lynn Urban Plan – which is rather pleasing!

We also prepared a sustainability framework to sit alongside the Urban Plan. ‘Sustaining New Lynn’ considers sustainable movement, green infrastructure, built form quality and performance, sustainable lifestyles and resilience and adaptability as the key areas that could deliver on the sustainability aspirations for New Lynn.