New East Manchester: social regeneration at its best

New East Manchester

Long before Sheikh Mansour brought his billions to Eastlands and Tevez crossed the city, Beyond Green beavered away on regeneration strategy and plans for Tom Russell and the New East Manchester Regeneration Company (NEM).

These were heady days.  NEM and its partner Beacons New Deal conceived and led what was arguably the boldest and most joined up regeneration campaign in the country. Its great strength was social regeneration, underpinned by best-in-class community participation that spoke to the philosophy of Big Society before that was even a glint in Steve Hilton’s eye.

It’s always a pleasure working in Manchester with its outstanding political and executive leadership, and we were proud to make a contribution via our work in strategic planning, sustainability policy and appraisal, advice on masterplanning, community design and the selection and training of development partners.