Millendreath: a sustainable holiday destination

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Beyond Green was appointed by Espalier Group to explore how sustainability principles might underpin the redevelopment of a small coastal resort of Millendreath, a village in the Caradon district of south-east Cornwall, and to lead a programme of consultation with local stakeholders about the redevelopment proposals.

Running a workshop with the wider consultant team, we explored what the key characteristics of a sustainable resort might be and how these might enhance visitor’s experience of the place. We also explored how to ensure that the resort was integrated economically, physically and socially with the local area.

We ran a series of engagement and consultation activities leading to the preparation of a Development Brief for the site. These activities included stakeholder interviews, a two-day public workshop attended by over 50 organisations from the private, public and voluntary and community sectors, meetings with local residents and a three-day public exhibition. Throughout these activities the team played a key role in ensuring communication was meaningful and transparent, building trust with key stakeholders and effectively feeding back external input into the masterplanning and strategy work done by the consultant team.