King's Cross: a new centre of gravity for London

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Argent & King’s Cross

King’s Cross is fast emerging as one of the capital’s great city quarters; a bold and strategic project with the emphasis squarely on people not just place; a new centre of gravity in and for London.

Beyond Green – late arrivals on the scene having been appointed to Argent’s flagship project this year – was delighted to be approached to review the proposals for King’s Cross with regard to sustainability. We were first asked to post hoc rationalize and cohere, help formulate a way of thinking and a process going forward to help secure the deep environmental, social and economic sustainability outcomes that are in its grasp; and subsequently to help prepare an underpinning philosophy on sustainability for Argent’s new LLP business using King’s Cross as a reference point.

We interviewed the senior managers, ran a high level workshop, and developed several propositions for vision/framing, benchmarks, policies, measuring systems and process for achieving breakthrough sustainability.  We reviewed the sustainability performance of King’s Cross to-date, looked at their obligations and plans going forward and identified an embryonic new set of policies and values and a process for their application to the scheme.

A future focus on bringing together partners and stakeholders for the next big push on sustainability will ensure a shared approach to socio-economic aspects and regeneration, carbon and wider environmental footprinting, high quality public realm, bike culture and particularly behavioural change. We’ll now assist Argent with the application of these principles at King’s Cross, and begin work on the sustainability brief and substance for their new corporate office at King’s Cross.

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