A 10-point plan for The New City

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This post is written by Jonathan Smales, Executive Chairman of Beyond Green. Jonathan will explore these issues further in his lecture ‘Way beyond Smart: the case for Remarkable Cities’ on 4th February - part of The New City lecture series.

1. The acceptance of Urgency and the need for Remarkable: the unremitting maths of the urgent remarkable and why lives and places are key – 40 years to transform both how we live and where we live.

2. Students of Strategy & Leadership: a good strategy has a diagnosis, a guiding policy and coherent actions; why not cities?

3. A Celebration of Cities: the environmentally sustainable, life-enriching human habitat.

4. So, How Shall We Live? People-first planning for quality of life has a new imperative; and Environmentally Sustainable Behaviours (ESBs).

5. A Commitment to Justice: deep inequalities drive short termism and unsustainable behaviour; justice can no longer be an idea – it has to become the experience of most, urgently.

6. Grand Designs and the Case for Urbanity: deep urban rules, intense, close-grained, mixed-use, walkable places…and the need for beauty.

7. Life Between Buildings and Abundant Green: the critical importance of streets, other public realm and the new, productive greenery.

8. Technology: cutting edge infrastructure, technology and innovation.

9. Radical Affordability, Whole-Life Economics and Stealth: there’s a crisis of capital, in economics and politically – can the urgent remarkable be achieved affordably and can it carry the day?

10. Brand, Engagement and Communications: stakeholder involvement, enriched reasoning, walking the talk and talking the walk.