The New City lecture series

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To launch The Urgent Remarkable we’re holding a series of lectures at Cambridge University Department of Architecture, under the heading The New City.

The lectures will examine how our cities can be re-made in ways that will both inspire and enable all to live well – safely, healthily, prosperously, with pleasure and freedom – and within tightly bounded environmental limits.

All lectures are open to the public and will start at 4pm in Lecture Theatre One at the Department of Architecture, 1-5 Scroope Terrace, Cambridge, CB2 1PX. No registration is necessary. Full details can be found here (pdf).

4th February

  • Way beyond Smart: the case for Remarkable Cities (Jonathan Smales, Executive Chairman, Beyond Green)
  • How shall we live? (Joanna Yarrow, Founding Director, Beyond Green)

11th February

  • A new movement? (Neil Murphy, Director Policy, Planning & Economics & Bruce McVean, Integrated Design Manger, Beyond Green)

18th February

  • Urban form for remarkable cities (Paul Murrain, urban designer and landscape architect)

25th February

  • Remarkable construction (Chris Whitehead, International Head of Sustainability, Balfour Beatty)

4th March


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