Motivating the mainstream – Joanna Yarrow to speak at Green Monday, 3rd December


Joanna Yarrow will be taking part in a panel discussion on ‘motivating the mainstream’ at the next Green Monday event, which is taking place in London on 3rd December. Green Monday’s are evening events that explore issues around innovation and sustainability. You can apply to attend here.

Event overview:

Do you believe the mainstream holds the key to a sustainable future? Is it only through engaging and motivating them en-masse we create the commercial impetus to deliver new business-models?

Or, will it be through visionary leadership and new ways of thinking that we deliver change? After all, the internet was created by the vision of a few, and then adopted by the mainstream because it offered a better world.

For this special end-of-year debate, we explore four very different schools-of-thought.

Steven Kotler (via Video-link from the US) – Steven and his partner, Peter Diamandis, caused a storm when they published “Abundance” earlier this year, arguing we have the ingenuity to overcome climate change and population growth.

Joanna Yarrow – Consumers need to experience a sustainable world for them to want it. An expert in making green living attractive, Joanna will share learnings from her BBC3′s Outrageous Wasters series, the Ariel 30 campaign, and her work with Unilever.

John Elkington – From 0 to 100: The Power of Stretch Thinking. One of the gurus of sustainability will explore what can be achieved with stretch targets, and how breakthroughs come from a relatively small group in society rather than the mainstream.

Dr. Michael Braungart – The co-creator of Cradle to Cradle thinking, Michael will explain why closed loop thinking is redefining business models, and helping companies to find advantage from thinking differently. Responding will be two people who have an unparalleled understanding of current mainstream opinion.

David Aaronovitch – Author, Tweeter and Columnist for The Times

Greg Nugent – Brand, Marketing & Culture Director for the London 2012 Olympics

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