Television as an agent of behaviour change

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Sustainability on TV

We think sustainable living needs to enter the mainstream. And that’s not going to happen until people from all walks of life understand what it involves, and are excited enough to take action.

Although many commissioners still have an alarming allergy to ‘green’, overall the media’s becoming more willing to talk about and encourage authentic sustainability. So Joanna Yarrow and the rest of the Beyond green Living team are increasingly in demand to conceive, research and present quality TV programmes for mass audiences.

In summer 2007 Joanna fronted GMTV‘s ‘Green Week’, presenting features on green living in the UK and abroad, and guiding a family through energy-efficiency, water use, waste and recycling, and encouraging biodiversity. She now frequently appears on GMTV, discussing environmental issues ranging from plastic bags and whaling to Christmas tree recycling.

In autumn 2007 Joanna presented Outrageous Wasters – a 4-part BBC3 series taking extremely wasteful families going through an intensive experiential (and often emotional) process of change to become radically more sustainable.

Joanna devises, writes and presents features on ITV’s Tonight and This Morning. Topics covered have included covered green transport, shopping (particularly food miles), toxins, fashion and environmental impact audits of families’ homes and lifestyles. She also regularly appears as an ethical lifestyles commentator on current affairs programmes across channels.

Beyond Green Living’s portfolio of TV programmes is one strand of a media presence across national newspapers, magazines, radio and the internet, including the Ariel and Energy Saving Trust ‘Do a Good Turn’ behaviour change campaign and the Future Friendly Awards. In support of this work we maintain a comprehensive database of tips, facts about and reasons for greener living.

Watch Joanna’s showreel here

Joanna is represented by Knight Ayton Management