North Sprowston and Old Catton Outline Planning Application

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The Outline Planning Application (OPA) for North Sprowston and Old Catton was submitted to Broadland District Council on 23 October 2012. All parts of the OPA are available to view and download below.

The Design and Access Statement provides an overview of our proposals, with further detail provided by the Supporting Statements. The Environmental Statement, Transport Assessment, Health Imapct Assessment and Town Centre Impact Assessment detail the possible impacts of our proposals and suggest actions to mitigate those impacts where necessary.

Broadland District Council are currently consultaing on the OPA, details of how to comment are available here (Application no. 20121516).

Our responses to frequently asked questions on the NS&OC application can be found here (PDF).

Application Covering Letter

Design and Access Statement

Supporting Statements

1. Green Instrstructure Statement

2. Statement of Community Involvment

3. Sustainability Statement

4. Planning Support Statement

5. Housing Statement

6. Social and Economic Development Statement

7. Safe and Inclusive Design Statement

8. Lighting Statement

9. Public Transport Statement

10. Framework Travel Plan

11. Energy and Utilities Statement

12. Water Statement

13. Waste Management Statement

14. Minerals Safeguarding Statement

15. Airport Safeguarding Statement

16. Delivery and Management Statement

Environmental Statement

Volume 1: Main text and figures, Chapters 1-5

1. Introduction and assessment methodology
2. Proposed development
3. Development programme and construction
4. Planning policy and land use context
5. Ecology


Volume 1: Main text and figures, Chapter 6

6. Landscape and visual

Volume 1: Main text and figures, Chapters 7-16

7. Archaeology and cultural heritage
8. Transportation
9. Air quality
10. Noise and vibration
11. Soil conditions, groundwater and contamination
12. Water reources and flood risk
13. Socio-economic
14. Cumulative impacts
15. Residual impacts and conclusions
16. Glossary and abbreviations

Volume 2: Technical appendices 1-4

Volume 2: Technical appendices 5

Volume 2: Technical appendices 6

Volume 2: Technical appendices 7-9

Volume 2: Technical appendices 10-13

Volume 3: Non-technical Summary

Transport Assessment

Report appendices A-C

Report appendices D-G

Health Impact Assessment

Town Centre and Sequential Impact Assessment

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