North Sprowston and Old Catton Outline Planning Application public exhibition

NS&OC OPA exhibition small

A public exhibition to present Beyond Green’s Outline Planning Application for North Sprowston and Old Catton was held at the Sprowston Diamond Centre on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October 2012.

More than 230 people visited the exhibition over the course of the weekend. We would like to thank everyone who attended and were delighted to have the opportunity to discuss our proposals with so many local residents.

The exhibition can be downloaded using the links below. Please note that for best results the exhibition boards should be printed at A3.

Part 1

1.1 Introduction
2.1 Our proposals
3.1 Strategic context
3.2 Site opportunities and constraints
4.1 Design principles
4.2 Design evolution
5.1 Layout, structure and land uses
5.2 Use and activity

Part 2

6.1 Travel, transport and parking
6.2 Connections, access and streets
7.1 Green infrastructure
7.2 Green infrastructure

Part 3

8.1 Character and identity
8.2 Character and identity
8.3 Character and identity
9.1 Infrastructure and utilities
10.1 Towards delivery

A higher resolution version of the key features plan is available here.



  • Guest

    I live in Sprowston and have not spoken to anyone who is in favour of these plans, they are nothing short of shocking and without going into detail, badly flawed on many points, something I will bring up at a later date.

  • Guest

    Hope the NDR goes ahead, getting out of Church Lane onto Wroxham Road is already a nightmare. With this and houses at Tesco’s will never get out